Cui Tiankai Summarizes China-US Diplomatic Relations: The Ship Will Move Forward Riding Wind and Wave

January 4, 2014 Source:

By De Yongjian

Reported from China News Service, Washington D.C. on January 3rd — in the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the establishment of China-US diplomatic relations, Ambassador Cui Tiankai expresses that China-US relations generally maintains the forward momentum, and he believes that the “giant ship” will still move forward riding wind and wave.


Ambassador Cui Tiankai in the press conference

Cui Tiankai holds a press conference in Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the United States of America. Recalling China-US relations in the past 35 years, he summarizes it into four sentences:

China-US relations are based on the mutual benefit of the two countries. Cui points out that in the early establishment of diplomatic relations, China and the US have common strategic security demand. And with the development of our diplomatic relations, the mutual benefit of China and US on dealing with international and regional issues continues to expand and deepen, and has constituted the basis of steady development of bilateral relations.

— China-US relations are beyond bilateral relations. Cui says that China and the US have significant bilateral relations and benefit in fields like security, economy and trade, people-to-people exchange, etc. At the same time, the whole world has realized that China-US relation has transcended the scope of bilateral relations. Therefore, to keep stable development of the China-US relation is not only Sino-US mutual benefit, but also the mutual responsibility to all over the world.

— China-US relations are future-oriented and always advancing. Cui emphasizes that there have been significant and profound changes on the international stage in the past 35 years. With joint efforts of both sides, China and the US have always been able to find bilateral benefit and new ways to cope with challenges. China-US relations continue to develop with win-win cooperation.

China and the United States should respect each other and handle disagreements properly. As the world's largest developing country and largest developed country, Cui Tiankai says that there will be disagreements and frictions inevitably. Both sides can manage disagreements well and build constructive dialogues by looking for mutual benefit.

If we compare the China-US relations to a big ship, it will go along in the right direction even though it runs into storms. I believe that the ship would overcome all difficulties as we stick to the new relationship made by heads of both countries.

He also states that heads of China and the United States have reached important consensus on building a compatiblemutual respectedwin-win cooperation relationshipwhich shows the way for future Sino-US relations. With the successful experience accumulated over the past 35 years, I believe that the China-US relations will enter a new stage.

Translated by Zoe Wang