Jason Lin Attends the 2nd Sodality of All-China Lin

January 20, 2014 ACCDA Beijing

On January 19th, the 2nd Sodality of All-China Lin is held in Yu Xiandu Restaurant, Beijing. Experts, scholars and leaders from different areas of Beijing, as well as Lin descendants and staff from the culture research organization of the Lin, more than 300 people gather, chat with each other and share a cultural feast. ACCDA President Jason Lin attends the sodality and delivers a speech.

President Jason Lin expresses in his speech that the talented Lin has experienced dynasties and is one of the orthodox representatives and inheritances of China in a long history of 5000 years. The establishment of Fraternal Association in HuaLin contributes not only to the communication and exchange among members of the Lin clan, but also to cooperation and win-win. What’s more, it is of great advantage to the inheritance and development of the Lin clan. As a member of the clan, Jason Lin expresses that he will exhaust his ability to contribute to the association. At the same time, he appeals to the Lin clan all other the world to hand in hand and jointly promote the development of the clan.

President Jason Lin delivers a speech

After that, the site is also rich in brilliant, lively and extraordinary song and dance performances. The members of the clan feel closer with each other in the jubilant atmosphere. The 2nd Sodality of All-China Lin succeeds!

Translated By Zoe Wang