ACCDA Holds “Inheritance and Development— Professor Fang Shujiu Art of Horse Painting Exhibition”

January 31, 2014 ACCDA New York

During the Spring Festival, ACCDA and the US Kowloon Academy of Arts invite Chinese artist Professor Fang Shujiu to hold “Inheritance and Development— Professor Fang Shujiu Art of Horse Painting Exhibition” in New York, to pray for the new year a nice omen. The exhibition has attracted many overseas Chinese. Vice President of ACCDA Li Xiong attends the exhibition, accompanied by ACCDA staff.

According to Professor Fang Shujiu, the horse paintings on display this time are themed of “Inheritance and Development”, which signify the hardships that Chinese pursuing, reunion and realizing their dream in the US. There are many unique and delicate horse paintings on exhibition. Professor Fang wishes overseas Chinese a happy new year and be foremost in the fight. Among the paintings, in the diagram Full Steam Ahead Diagram, Professor Fang merges horse together with sea wave firstly to depict the scene a mighty force going through wind and waves, which means the hard process and entrepreneurial spirit of overseas Chinese.

(Professor Fang Shujiu is now President of the US Kowloon Academy of Arts, also Chairman and director of the art council of World Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation. He has served as Professor of art, director of academies and design institutes at universities in many countries such as China, the United States and Canada.)

Li Xiong (L3), Fang Shujiu R3


Paintings by Fang Shujiu

Translated by Zoe Wang