The Chinese Representatives of ACCDA Were Invited to Attend the 103rd Anniversary of Alma Mater, the Annual Dinner with Alumnus of Tsinghua University of Greater New York Area

            The evening of April 27,2014, the 103rd anniversary of alma mater, the annual dinner was hold in Golden Unicorn Restauant by the Greater New York area of Tsinghua alumni association.

Hundreds of Tsinghua alumnus (including Beijing Tsinghua University  and National Tsinghua University) who gathered on the dinner, are invited to attend , President of Myanmar Chinese Association of New York, reputation adviser and vice president of ACCDA ,and and other members ofcommunity are also invited as guests.

           “For inheriting Tsinghua spiritual, conveying emotion, Tsinghua alumni emotion, to close bond between the alumni and the Alma mater, promote harmony with local social, in the past year the Greater New York Alumni Association held many activities. which covered  new venture competition, personnel exchanges talent introduction, Culture Exhibition, career development, real estate investment,etc. At the same time, we are actively collaborating with Alma mater, all levels of government, Chinese Embassy in New York, China's United Nations delegation, and other organization,etc provided multiple  services for all the Tsinghua alumnus who study, work and live in  the New York area”, reported by President Wenkui Yang.

           The current China's United Nations delegationZhao Xinli spoke at the dinner, expressed thanks for the anniversary support from Chinese Officer, reaffirmed that Beijing tsinghua University  and National Tsinghua University are the family with intimate a connection to each other , encourage overseas alumnus in contributing to Science and Technology.

           Blessing for the 103rd anniversary of Tsinghua —From Fu Bo on behalf of  education office of Chinese Embassy in New York on behalf of William H.Su on behalf of overseas Chinese communities, Li Xiong on behalf of American Chinese Commerce communities.