Mayor Yu Xuejun investigated Kaiping Watchtowers

On 2nd, Sep, 2014,Yu Xuejun Kai Ping City Mayor investigated Kaiping Watchtowers which is investment operated by Jason Lin the president of ACCDA , Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of XinFYuan Group Company. Accompanied by Kai Ping Municipal Standing Committee Jian Jinchang, Chi Shui Town Deputy Party Secretary Xiong Risheng, Project commanders of Kaiping Watchtowers.

         Mayor Mr.Yu listened to the project commander’s work report seriously; get to know more about project planning and processing difficulties. he says municipal government will combine the actual situation to provide support , help to  solve and promote development.

        Mayor Mr.Yu also investigated Chi Shui Town Channel dredging and improvement Project , Forestry Bureau Chi Shui Airport, Da Tong LiTowers town and Ancient Villages. Mayor Mr.Yu put forward Some suggestions for Further developments of Chi Shui tourism resources and refine tourism industrial chainBy going to the real place of project construction.