Executive Vice President Firms to Go to Shandong Province to Investigate

        At the end of November, 2014, Vice President Li Xiong On behalf of USSINO to go to Shandong Province to investigate. Shandong wonderful new energy industry co.,ltd and Shandong Commerce Association warmly welcome president Mr.Li during his visit .


Vice President Li Xiong (M)accompanied by chairman Wang Depeng(R)

         22nd,November,President Li accompanied by  wonderful new energy industry co.,ltd chairman Wang Depeng had an in-depth understanding of New energy production, expressed willingness to further cooperation. wonderful ground made an effort to Support  Solar Project in some countries in Africa.helping those countries have its first time to have traffic lights .Because of helping Libya installing solar streetlights, illumination of bank, hospital, etc, Mr wang was the first Chinese to be   awarded the by Libya government.

         24th, November, President Li visited Shandong commerce Association, received warm hospitality from Shandong commerce Association vice president Zhao Yantong in Shandong Chamber Of Commerce Building, conducted consultations for exchanges and cooperation. There are many interacting activities between Shandong commerce Association and American Chinese Commerce Development Association, like information exchange, inspection invitation, etc.

        Vice president Zhao expressed welcome to President Mr.Li and other guests, introducing the advantages and developments of the Shandong commerce Association which is earnestly carrying civil Association diplomacy , to build a good  communication platform for all the members of Association; hoping can cooperate with Shandong commerce Association to strengthen exchanges and contacts, promote cooperation of member companies- says Vice President Li.

Vice President Li Xiong(R2), Vice President Zhao Yantong(L2),