American Lam Group Help Chinese Enterprises To Enter The Local Mainstream Market

From the US Lam Group news, The group will demonstrate Chinese enterprises step into the US mainstream market via constructing three hotels of $ 600 million investment in total in Manhattan by the year of 2015, the introduction of EB-5 immigrant investors program and the way of building orientation bidding. The US Lam Group is found by John Lam who is the honorary consultant of ACCDA.


These three investments were $ 150 million, $ 280 million, $ 120 million respectively.One of the tender conditions must be a Chinese national construction company, which Lam Group is considered helping Chinese companies into the US mainstream market And Lam Group also hope that some small businesses such as decoration companies, construction materials suppliers, can seize the opportunity following the big companies into the market. Above projects began to open tender in the United Statesin early 2015.

For the lower limit, EB-5 investors are allowed to invest $ 500,000.00 , into the projects approved by the US government. The family will get the US green card if it can provide 10 jobs for local residents in the five years. The $ 500,000.00 investment funds will take back after five years.


Mr. John Lam held several immigration advisory seminars in Guangzhou, Dongguan and other cities in 2014, in order to let more Chinese people and businesses learn about the latest EB-5 policy and development trend of the US economy in 2015, and get the benefits in between. He was objective, detailed to answer on how to invest in the United States and to avoid investment pitfalls,and to help people understand the US tax policy scene, so that they would know how to take advantage of the American legal tax avoidance and educational advantages, allowing children to attend famous American schools.

American Lam Group is New York's largest hotel real estate developers. Lam Group has built 50 buildings in past 10 years, including 22 hotels which have provided more than 3,000 permanent jobs. Lam Group and the UK's largest private enterprise Virgin Group agreed to cooperate in the construction of a set of Virgin hotel” in Manhattan on August 2014, where hotels, shopping, dining, entertainment and sports were combined into. This hotel , covering an area of 400,000 square feet, will be the largest boutique hotel in New York.

With ancestral place in Taishan, Mr. John Lam is the first president of Chinese large Chamber of Commerce in US(New York Garment Chamber), now is the president & Chief Executive Officer of Lam Group, as well as the Managing Director of Royal Hotel Management Group, Director of Oriental Bank in New York, the honorary president of the New York Garment Manufacturers Commercial Chamber and other staff. As a Chinese American community leader and business tycoon, Mr. John Lam has been concerned with protecting the interests of Chinese compatriots.






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