Our delegates attended the 9th

        To attend the Ninth "Chunhui Cup" (New York area) Chinese students have an innovation and entrepreneurship contest (Abbreviation : the "Chunhui Cup" contest) Columbia University campus organized on June 2, 2014. It is Following, Our community will send executive Vice President Li Xiong as a representative, accompanied by the Education Unit of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, Fu Bo Consul attended the "Chunhui Cup" tournament in Guangzhou December 17 . It is held "Chunhui Cup" Chinese students have an innovation and entrepreneurship contest by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly organized at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center same day. More than 160 students in this competition were from the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Israel and other 17 countries and regions, Overseas Students Pioneer Park and investment, immigration agencies and other relevant personnel were more than 600 participants.


         Sui Zhiqiang who is a researcher of the Torch Incubator Management Center of Science and Technology Department, said "Chunhui Cup" Entrepreneurship Competition is for overseas students to return home and build a good business platform, hopes to hold in recent years, "Chunhui Cup" Competition can attract more overseas students on " Chunhui Cup "attention, attracts more outstanding" returnees. "


          New York Division is one of the first overseas sub-division of competition, it is one of the largest gathering of overseas high-level talents, there were 8.9 million of Chinese students here in 2014. Fu Bo Consular said that it has been carefully designed ,to give wide publicity, to the depth of mobilization, professional training, awards ceremonies and other aspects of the project docking, New York Division competition has achieved fruitful results this year, the number of participating in the contest is more than 2,000 people, it is showing the activities of large-scale, multi-harvesting projects and social impacts of a wide three characteristics, when he introduced the division briefing of the New York Division on the 17th. Fu Bo consul said that Education Unit will continue to use a good foundation of "Chunhui Cup" contest, to explore the construction of talent introduction, scientific and technological cooperation, Matchmaking, Trinity's new platform to attract the majority of students to return and promoting entrepreneurship & development in the future .