The Tsinghua’s Iron Team Compete For The UEFA Cup Basketball

The Iron team members, coaches, captains and cheerleading hold aloft

the trophy & the Tsinghua University’s flag for celebrating.


The Iron team what is composed of Tsinghua University alumni and the Five Tigers team what is composed of Nankai University alumni had a competition at Madison Square Garden on June 8, 2014. The Iron team became the second place placing its two points with 26:28 at the First North American college basketball's UEFA Cup. This match is organized by the Chinese College’s League in North America ,the other Alumni Association assisted. Its purpose is promoting mutual exchange, learning and progress in the overseas Chinese of the East Coast in US through the basketball match.


The two teams played against fierce during the game, the confrontation level was comparable to the Bimabeila Cup, the atmosphere of stadium was captivating, the

scores is close. The Tsinghua’s Iron team’s players were fighting efforts under immense pressure, continued to occupy the initiative. The Tsinghua’s Iron team was foul, The Nankai’s Five Tigers scored one at the end of the match from poor 0.01 second, it is the penalty to 26 : 26 tied. The Nankai’s Five Tigers scored a playoff goal, The Iron team became the final second place. The Tsinghua’s Iron team demonstrated an outstanding team's strength and style throughout the game from the championship, although it is only half a step away, so Tsinghua’s purple flag proudly is floating in the arena, famous in the East Coast of the US.


The Tsinghua’s Iron team is hasty due to time constraint. It is rapid formation and growth within a very short time under the situation of first negative to the Eagles team of Zhejiang University on May 3. The Tsinghua’s Iron team got final qualification in the two-game winning streak with the Ten Wolves team of Nankai University and the Ding Yuan team of Tianjin University . The team was command arrangements wells orderly ranks in preparing for the course. They have dedicated effort and been tacit understanding from the president of leader Wenkui Yang, the deputy leader Yao Qizhan, the coach Jie Guanzhou, the assistant coach Chen Xi to the every member, it was showing the high professionalism and teamwork.


The tournament highlighted the group of the star players who known as the "Tsinghua man of God," They were dashing to work hard for the glory of his alma mater, such as Zhao Peng, Wang Zhuo, Fu Luxi and other. Wang Shaoyou who is from Beijing University is played a vital role as the main player in the team. The Coach Jie Guanzhou was not only responsible for tactical command, but personally play at the finals, who is also the multi-task. In addition, the center player Jiang Feifei was flying long the way from Indiana, That was exciting.


Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater New York area is as the team's solid backing and full support for this competition. It is showing a strong cohesion and execution. The team's logistics and entry fees are protected under the concerted efforts from all alumni’s donations. The Sports Department of Tsinghua University provided the team jersey by the Alumni Association and commissioned the alumni traveled from Beijing to New York, so that "Tsinghua University" iconic words shined under the bright lights of Madison stadium. Xu Yanshen who is the founder of the Tsinghua’s Iron team, is not only a shirt sponsor, but also carefully prepared a commemorative gift for all the players. Beautiful cheerleading who was composed by alumni made progress with the rapid build-up rehearsal schedule, had a debut & brought the domineering slogan of “Tsinghua’s Iron team always strives to do best, the team of king is always the first” in the final.


Keep in mind keep kindness no violations, and have a mind like the sea. The Tsinghua’s Iron team upheld the belief of "To work fifty years for motherland healthy” from cover to cover, showing the Tsinghua’s confidence and style. The greater New York area alumni are more closely together from the match, it can lay a solid foundation for the sport and cultural activities in the future.


The photo of Tsinghuas Iron team members with the medals.

Tribute to the members of Tsinghua’s Iron team here, thank you for the honor and wonderful from yours. Also thanks for at home &abroad alumni to give help in the effort at this match. To be proud of the achievements of Tsinghua together. We look forward to see the Tsinghua’s Iron team to return in the  Madison Square Garden next year, and winning the title! (Liu Xu reported)


The members of Tsinghua iron team:

Leader Coach: The leader Wenkui Yang, the deputy leader Yao Qizhan, the head of coach Jie Guanzhou,  the assistant coach Chen Xi

Players: Zhao Peng, Fu Luxi, Wang Zhuo,  Wang Shaoyou, Chen Long, Jiang Feifei, Jie Guanzhou, Chen Xi, Tian Huasong, Zhang Zhuo, Yao Jiawei, Will Liu

Cheerleading: Zhang Yuning, Liu Xu, Liu Lu, Jiang Yushan, Sun Ming, Xia Tian, Wang Fang

Photo: Wang Rui, Guo Liang, Liu Yinong, Shi Chenxin

Team Service Logistics: Zhu Qing, Hu Wei

Alumni support: Chen Mo, Xu Min, Wang Rui

Federation Support: Tian Xingyan

Contributions Sponsor: Wang Rui, Yao Qizhan, Huang Xiaohong, Jinghui Yang, Liu Yanzhu, Yang Mei, Yonghua Lu, Yu Tao, Wenkui Yang, Zhang Weizhong, Feng Chan, Yao Yan, Liu Yifan, Hu Wei, Wang Wei, Bao Shen, Fan Weikang, Meng Xiangguo, Xu Di, Xue Chenghai, Chen Xiaoming