New York scholars held a social activity to ‘commemorate the Youth Day’

A social activity organized by scholars in Flushing, New York to commemorate the Youth Day in May, 2014, eve of Youth Day, with dozens of Chinese students participating. Li Xiong, executive vice president of the chamber, attended the event and gave a banquet for students, leading them to visit the headquarters of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the United States (American Chinatown Chamber of Commerce).


“54 Patriotic Movement” (the year 1919) started in Beijing universities, and later swept the whole country, thereby affecting the political landscape of the world. It is a watershed between Chinese old democratism and the new one, a monumental moment for Chinese intellectuals awakening and the rise of the New Culture Movement. Hence, China’s Youth Day is not only a profound holiday for Chinese people, but also is one of the traditional festivals valued by the public.


During the event, executive vice president Li Xiong on behalf of the chamber entertained Chinese overseas student representative and his (her) fellows at Kirin Golden Pavilion restaurant in Chinatown. Vice president Li Xiong encouraged everyone to exploit advanced power of intellectuals pushing forward the motherland, not to forget previous generations’ contributions.


Overseas students came to the chamber headquarter in New York, and received a warm welcome from Li on the following day. Li consulted students about the situation of their lives and learning, and indicated that American Chinatown Chamber of Commerce were pleased to provide consulting services and communication platform concerning studying abroad and entrepreneurs on the occasion when both sides held a forum.