"Cultural China" (US) Troupe Was Established

 [The overseas Chinese News reporter Li Hong, in New York on May 13 ] The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China will be start innovation model for the overseas comfort performances  with "Cultural China • To celebrate the Spring Festival together" . The purpose satisfies the normalization of overseas Chinese diversified, multi-level cultural requirement, in order to allow overseas Chinese culture to take root and have a better cultural exchanges with other countries. The United States is as the first pilot, Try to send domestic famous actors working with local performance groups by the same stage manner. The "Cultural China" (US) Troup was announced the establishment on 13th for meeting this innovation. It will offer the first show in New York at the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.


The principal of Art Troupe Liang GuanJun said, "Cultural China • To celebrate the Spring Festival together " show has been holding for six years, There is a strong lineup of arts groups from China, it have emerged the situation difficult to get a ticket

in every city. Many overseas Chinese called for the show more than a few times every year, but I hope the show can be normalized. More and more mainstream local community also appeared at the "Cultural China • To celebrate the Spring Festival together" show in recent years. The "Cultural China • To celebrate the Spring Festival together" show has become a spiritual bond of connecting to the overseas Chinese and motherland relatives. The show is an important platform to show outstanding performance of the Chinese cultural for people around the world and for the overseas Chinese to better integrate into the local community and improving the Overseas Chinese image, enhancing cohesion. 


Liang Guanjun said The "Cultural China" (US) Troupe set up at the first ,it will cooperate with The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China for inheriting & dissemination of Chinese culture on abroad. “ We feel that we will undertake arduous tasks on the long way , and hope to get strong support from all the overseas Chinese in America” .


Liang Guanjun introduced that it will enroll at the national first level-American actor and well-known artists in the United States, China will send artists to the United States for the troupe artistic guidance after the troupe was founded. The domestic famous actor and American actors troupe performed on the same stage every show. The show will also be in the direction towards the conventional operation after the troupe was founded. It will provide four or five performances for the overseas Chinese in America every year in the future. The Troupe will launch the first show at the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, it will bring high-quality, large scale performances for the overseas Chinese .


The director of Chinese-American Art Association Wang Zhiqiang, the soprano Shao Weiling, the zither virtuoso Wang Junling have said that has a well-known professional artists living in the United States, but they are scattered in various arts groups in 20 years, The "Culture China "(US) Troupe was established to provide a high level of artistic and professional platform in glowing second spring for artists. The many years wish of artists came true, and they are looking forward to show the highest level on the stage.


The president of Sanshan Guild Wang Gangyong, the president of the Overseas Chinese Association in Myanmar William H. Su, the president of the Commerce Chamber of GD, Hong Kong & Macao Liu Man, the President of the World Association of Shandong’s Lu Chengrui, the president of Sanjiang Guild Fu Xianqing, the president of Dapeng Association Lai Qinthe General Counsel Yuan Xihong has speak for everyone in the troupe founded congratulations, Every one congratulated the troupe was founded, but also get high hopes from the troupe can converge the artists of China Mainland , Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan in the United States. These artists can provide high quality spiritual food for the overseas Chinese in collaboration with renowned artists from China, and spreads Chinese culture to contribute in  the United States.  Lin Xuewen is the secretary-general of the "Cultural China" (US) Troupe, Xiang Jingwen is the artistic director of the "Cultural China" (US) Troupe.