Dr. Grace L. Shu Attended Minister Wu Xi’s Inaugural Reception

Dr. Grace L. Shu (second from left), Minister Wu Xi (middle), Peng Weiquan (second from right)


Philadelphia News: Recently, the Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai in the United States held a welcome reception for newly arrived Minister Wu Xi at the embassy. President of the National Chinese Republican Alliance in the United States and the committee member of Advisory Commission of Federal Ministry of Health Dr. Grace L. Shu, Dr. Su Jiasheng, President of the World Foundation Sun Yat-sen Peng Weiquan, Assistant Chen Zhance, US government officials, the diplomats in the United States, think tanks, the representative of Embassy officials, representatives of overseas Chinese living in America and so forth, over 200 people attending the reception.


Saturated with New Year’s celebration, the decorations, such as red lanterns, Chinese knot were hanging high in Embassy Hall, noble and elegant. Showing a welcome of Wu Xi’s arrival in the speech, Cui Tiankai expected people of all circles could be in favor of the Embassy and Wuxi. Cui stated that since it was the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-US relations, both countries had withstood the trials and achieved tremendous development. Last year, President Xi Jinping and President Obama reached a significant consensus about a new type of Sino-US relations between powers. It was believed that under the joint efforts, Sino-US relation would achieve greater development in the next year. Of course! Wu Xi would certainly play an important role in future.


Wu Xi thanked for Ambassador Cui holding a reception. She said that she was honored coming to work here at the occasion when both countries were going to construct new-style Sino-US relation. Under the leadership of Cui, she would strive for promoting the Sino-US relation with the embassy colleagues.  

Dr. Grace L. Shu said, "Wu Xi first served as a clerk and attaché at the Department of American-Atlantic Foreign Affairs Ministry, and was sent to station in Iraq after 1 year,  twice stationed in Australia during a period of 10 years. She was as deputy director of the  Department of American-Atlantic Foreign Affairs Ministry before serving as Embassy Minister. The United States was the fourth leg of her assignment. What impressed me most was her commitment to work for sustainable development of Sino-US relations under the leadership of Cui."


[Character] Ancestral home in Zhangzhou city, Dr. Grace L. Shu was born in Taiwan. She and her husband Dr. Su Jiasheng was engaged in medical career in America in the early seventies. She has been active in American politics, business and the medical profession, earning high prestige in the Chinese American community.


Dr. Grace L.Shu has been hailed as "a golden phoenix under the Stars and Stripes". In addition to President of  the National Chinese Republican Alliance in the United States, she also serves as a consultant of the US Federal Ministry of Health, the first deputy President of the National Ethnic Republican Commitee, a consultant of the Asia Affair of Pennsylvania Gov., an ambassador of American Casey Children's Emergency Fund, the honorary president of the Ecological Restoration & Development Fund of Headquarters of United Nations Global, the Permanent Honorary President of The World Chinese Federation, the professional consultants of Human viruses Institute in University of Maryland and vice president of AIDS Fund of US & China...


Dr. Grace L. Shu is enthusiastic about public welfare, publicizes Chinese culture, maintains the dignity and interests of the Chinese people, and exerts herself to build the bridge for Sino-US relations. She is more actively getting Asian Americans integrated into the mainstream society, which wins a high reputation of all walks of life.