Zheng Qi is Fujianese community leader in the United States of America: To promote a balanced education , so that children access to quality education at home

Source: People.cn - Fujian Channel

People.cn Fuzhou, January 23 (by Chen Jingjing) Fujian Association chairman in the United States of America , the chairman of the US Huayu Group, Zheng Qi recently suggested at the platform of "reform and development of Fujian, networking suggestions" of the People.cn. It is hoping hometown Fujian intensify promote educational resource equalization, so that more children receive quality education at home.


Zheng Qi has been concerned about the development of domestic education for long time. He said that Chinese "School Choice hot" intensified more, the reason is related with uneven educational resources. In recent years, the government attempts to merge schools and other ways to solve these problems. But the effect is not obvious.


Zheng Qi suggested that the government's fiscal policy should be tilted in ordinary schools, good teachers will be sent to the ordinary schools & the private schools, driving schools teaching of the ordinary, let the children can enjoy high-quality education resources at home.


Meanwhile, Zheng Qi believes that education resources can not be too concentrated, it is especially in the area of the school division. “It configures the kindergarten, primary school to require by the population of the community. It configures the junior high school, high school to require by the city's population. So that more students can learn a wealth of knowledge." Zheng Qi said. In addition, Zheng Qi also proposed to increase the treatment of outstanding teachers, it is tend to the outstanding teachers of ordinary schools in the system developed, make their lives more stable and have more energy to teach students.