The Leader of Overseas Community in Liang Guanjun’s "Tibetan Love"

Source: China News Net


China News Agency Reporters: Tangzhaoyang Gongsanglamu 


Liang Guanjun came to Tibet. He is here at the 10th times in 12 years. He carries a program of “Free to train 200 software professionals for Tibet every year", In addition, he filled with affection as always on the snow-covered plateau. 


Who is Liang Guanjun? The man who has over fifty, dressed in a neat suit, speaks Mandarin with some struggling, is the co-president of Federation of Chinese Associations in East Coast of US, the president of the Chinese General Commercial Chamber in US, the well-known Chinese-American businessman. He recently came to aid Tibet; He was interviewed by the China News Agency reporter in Lhasa.


It is memorable that Liang Guanjun organized the relief supplies of 13 trucks after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. He drove 48 hours and supplied to the affected areas; he brought one million Yuan in cash to rescue the affected people at the affected disaster area the next day in 2013, He is called ".The community leader of carrying a million in cash to the relief."


However, the 12 years of Tibet love has been occupying a very important position in the history of Liang Guanjun’s life.


Liang Guanjun clearly remembers to enter Tibet at the first time on August 9th, 2002. "They say that Tibet had no human rights, no freedom of religion, and no happiness of the Tibetan people." Liang Guanjun often heard such a voice when he resided in New York at that time, it inevitably disturbed mind which made him prior to departure.


However, Liang Guanjun calmed down when he real foot in Tibet, saw the snow-covered mountains, saw the Tibetan people turning freely in the Potala Palace, feel the locals good honest, and said that I saw completely different between from others , Tibetan people live very peaceful & freely.


Liang Guanjun gradually fell in love with this piece of plateau land. He said it partly is the local population is very pure heart, on the other hand can be seen piety everywhere here, "it is with the situation in Tibet and forged a lifetime love, I would tell others that once Tibet’s trip is the lifelong Tibet’s love."


Liang Guanjun began to want to do something for Tibet after returning to the US. He told his friends about that he has seen and heard after entering Tibet by himself. He also held a photo exhibition to the Americans about the real Tibet.


"Why do people believe in the ridiculous statements of Tibetan separatist? Because they have never been to Tibet, I would like to say that my realistic feel show to the whole world from my heart, Tibet is liberal, religious freedom, and the Tibetan people live a happy life. "


More and more friends came around Tibet under his influence. “The understanding of all the people has undergone great changes after they have been to Tibet. Then they would affect the people around him to Tibet, which is a good thing what contributed to the Tibetan economy and let more people know a true Tibet. "


Liang Guanjun continue to do public service for Tibet, in addition to make American friends know the real Tibet. He has been donated six the Hope Primary School, he financed to repair a number of road; he often subsidizes life difficult for the Tibetan people directly.


Liang Guanjun carries a new aid plan of free to train 200 students for Tibet this time; He arranged they study at the Hua Ruan Software Engineering College of Guangzhou University where he served as a president of the board, in order to develop the software professional for Tibet in the future." It is a four-year school system, but also the implementation of four policies- it include for food, accommodation, tuition, but also packing pocket money."


Liang Guanjun has a great expectation for this program, and he hopes that he can always do so, "I hope these students would return to Tibet after graduation, contribute in the information age of Tibet in the future.”


Liang Guanjun is confident about the future of Tibet, he believe that Tibet will be better in the future .He also believes that Tibet's development and stability is related to China's peaceful development, and the China's peaceful development and the interests of the more than 60 million overseas Chinese are closely related, "So Tibet's development and stability is certainly a good thing for the overseas Chinese."


Liang Guanjun said that Tibet has entered his life, he would enter the "Tibet"words in the search engine and concern dynamic Tibet every day, when he is on the occasion of the over 10th trip in Tibet.


" I will be in Tibet with my family together next year ," Liang Guanjun said.