John Lam won the " Top 10 Asian American Business Award "

It is known as "Garment King" "Monopoly" "hotel giant," of the United States, the New York Group Chairman John Lam, won the Top 10 Asian American Business Award By USPAACC-NE on May 6, 2014. The awards have held at the headquarters of Chase Bank in Manhattan.


This brilliant achievement award in recognition of its leadership of Mr. John Lam and Lam Group made enormous influence in the garment industry, real estate, hotel industry & a number of areas forty years and he has an enormous influence in the Asian-American.


Lam Group is now a set of residential buildings, commercial buildings, hotel industry in an integrated real estate acquisition, development and management company. Lam Group ranked 25th in the top 100 of hotel construction in the United States , ranked 28th in the top 100 of hotel management in the United States. Lam Group is led by John Lam, it has been got outstanding achievements in more than forty years after arduous struggle, He is a model of Chinese immigrants exotic, start from scratch, new immigrants to achieve the "American Dream," but also he is a flag of little businesses who follow the Chinese.


John Lam has a keen business mind. He launched two Immigrant Investor (EB -5) project last year, When he saw many Chinese want to invest out of the country, but could not find a safe and convenient way. Currently, the Lam Group has launched the third (EB -5) project, located 6th Avenue and 25th Street in midtown Manhattan .The construct more than 320 hotel rooms. John Lam said, "We are the first to start, after promotion, the project can see and feel, it makes investors feel more secure. The old buildings (6th Avenue and 25th Street in Midtown Manhattan) have been dismantled on August this year, will build a new building on March next year .To ensure completion within two years. "


"Lam Immigrant Investor Regional Center in New York" club held immigrant investor seminar by Xiaohua Wang (1-917-440-5109), Mike Liang (1-646 -732-0159) for all services. in 6th Floor, No. 202, Central Street, Chinatown every Wednesday 17:00 to 6:00 .