Lu Chengrui convene the overseas Chinese in New York for Senator John Liu campaign fundraising

The Overseas Chinese Net news on July 12, From "Newspaper" of the United States reported that the New York’s overseas Chinese Association held a fundraising dinner for the campaign of Sen. John Liu in Flushing New York on 11th. John Liu emotionally recalled that all sectors of the community supported consistently in 10 years. The audience burst into applause and cheers. John Liu said it will continue to fulfill his mission to pave the way for the Chinese community, representatives of ethnic sound.


More than 10 community leaders and dozens of communities John Liu loyal supporters attended the fund-raising dinner, many participants said they would not shake to support outstanding ethnic Chinese politicians from outside pressure. Guo Zhilong who is the Director of Chinese Association of Commerce & Industry in US, said that John Liu is the cornerstone of Chinese politics, the pace of Chinese politics is not so fast if has not his courage and the courage to fight right admonition. It is inseparable what enhance the status of Chinese politics and there are those brave ethnic Chinese politicians.


"The Chinese community has been supporting John Liu for any public office as one day run ten years," the President of the World Association of Shandong’s Lu Chengrui said, "As Compatriots, Chinese community will go all out to help John Liu won the election in the human, financial and material resources. " Lu Chengrui excitedly said, many Chinese voters who saw the potential of John Liu 10 years ago, we began to support him. And now many of our voters grow along with John Liu also growing, we know the status of Chinese have promotion inseparable Our delegates, who sounds just like an excellent representative John Liu‘s dare audible for the Chinese power struggle.


The Executive President of Chinese Associations of New York’s Xie Gang said John Liu is as a political leader for the Chinese community and the whole of New Yorkers to fight a lot of interest. "Chinese community needs such people have to play." They believe that John Liu's ability to perfectly competent state senator this post, also it hopes to help its victory to inspire more Chinese passion in politics.


John Liu said he was grateful to the community to push him from city councilors to the Comptroller General step by step for 10 years, and to the candidate for mayor last year. All of it is inseparable from the community, is inseparable from many supporters. 10 years is a long time, and a lot of supporters continue to support him what is his position in more than 10 years, what it makes itself felt grateful particularly.


It’ll be the Primary election of Democratic Party September 9 this year. John Liu said he would get well confidence under support from many community leaders and the people. Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed to support Lok Ivey recently . John Liu said that support will not affect his campaign.