Chen Qingquan and Liang Guanjun Attends the 7th Overseas Chinese Associations
        On the afternoon of June 7, 2014, the group forum of the 7th World Overseas Chinese Associations was held on the Beijing Hotel and more than 50 leaders of overseas Chinese from the US attended the forum and some of them gave speeches to express the idea of building up overseas Chinese groups as well as facilitating them to blend into the local communities and expanding communications with outside world.

        During the 2-day event, more than 500 representatives from 119 countries and regions met with the Chinese chairman Xi Jinping and listened to the report of the director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, the theme of the report was about carrying forward the harmonious construction of overseas Chinese communities in a comprehensive way based on the previous experiences and mutual win-win conditions.

Cultivating Young people is essential for the building of the overseas Chinese groups
       We need young people to develop our group and I often take my son to the overseas Chinese communities and make him understand the operation of the the community. Liang Guanjun, the chairman of the eastern American Chinese associations spoke first and he pointed out the importance of young people to the groups.

       Chen Xueshun, the chairman of American Fujian Fellowship, also emphasized that the most important things is to cultivate the next generation to blend into the mainstream of the American society.

       Lu Senmao who is from the San Franciso, was previously the president of the China reunification, said,“we have regulations, the leader of the community is not permanent and they cannot exceed 2 years of their term of office regardless of their achievements. I just retired from the position.” He pointed out specifically that as the leader of the community, one must follow the regulations and build themselves up. They need to be decent,tolerent and help young people to train their leadership.

       Besides that, Chen Qingquan, the chairman of the American overseas Chinese said that the development of the coummnity need to have strict regulations and stick to the principle of servicing the Chinese people, which need credibility to develop for a better future.

Emerge into the local communities and participate into the mainstreamn activities
        Chen also thought that the overseas Chinese need to develop their English capabilities specifically when interacting with the mainstream. He also pointed out that overseas Chinese group need not only to support their mainstream activities financially but also need to fight for their political rights.

        Encouraging overseas Chinese to participate the US mainstream activities is also a crucial way to help them blend into the society. Ren Meiqing, the secretary of the American Philadelphia overseas Chinese Association said that, “we need to encourage overseas Chinese to take part in the local activities and build up positive Chinese images and strengthen the overseas Chinese groups’ influences on the local communities.

        Zhang Yiqin, the board director of the American Houston Chinese Activities Center also said that they help the mainstream to understand the current overseas Chinese conditions by hosting the National Day Banquet in Houston and inviting Congress members and state senators.